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Why Deni International?

Our company DENI Logistics d.o.o. in Zagreb at Jankomir 25, Croatia, is a foreign-owned company, with headquarters in Skopje (Macedonia). The basic activity is international transport of any kind of goods (palletized, non-palletized, ADR goods, etc.). We are able to offer You high quality and quick delivery from your suppliers to your company, and dellivery to the customers. Areas in which we are daily present are the countries of Western and Eastern Europe but mostly Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Likewise, we can offer you transports to all Europe countries and also exports to all of these destinations. With the opening of an office in Zagreb, we wanted to be close to the European market, and our goal is to establish a high-quality and effective network between Croatia and Macedonia as well as Kosovo and Albania.

Our company in Skopje DENI INTERNACIONAL d.o.o. with address Street No. 34. 22 n. Ilinden has about 300 employees who are, apart in the sphere of transport and forwarding,  employed at our gas station, the newly opened service center for commercial vehicles, as well as representation and sale of spare parts. The Company has been successfully engaged in transportation, storage and customs clearance for over 25 years and during this period we have acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the best service to individual needs and requirements of each customer.

Company DENI INTERNACIONAL d.o.o. Skopje, has in his own fleet about 100 cargo vehicles and over 200 vehicles of our subcontractors. We are able to meet all your requirements, ensuring the safety, accuracy and what is really important – competitive price in the field of transport and freight forwarding. Likewise, we have the possibility of storing and handling custom and non-custom goods in our own storage space which is over 10,000 m² of closed, and opened storage space. Vehicles owned by the company and the number of employees is constantly growing in line with market requirements. All these features show that we are a stable and trusted partner oriented towards long-term cooperation. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to collaborate and send us inquiries regarding logistics services you need.


E-mail: marina.poljakovski@denilogistics.hr

Deni Logistics d.o.o,
Jankomir 25,
HR-10000 Zagreb,
Tel: +385 1 3871 611